How do I make an order?

Just like online shopping, you can click ORDER NOW

you can then choose your:

  • size of meals
  • how many meals you’d like
  • and what flavours
  • then CHECKOUT

Then you will get a text from us the day before your meals are ready for delivery or pick up

When does my order have to be placed by?

You have to place your meals order by TUESDAY

for delivery or pick up the coming Saturday or Monday.

We have a cut off as we cook your meals to order each week and just like you know, meal prepping takes a long time haha

If you are unsure when your order is coming ‘Contact Us Here’

Do my meals have 200g of protein?

The 200g of protein is the WEIGHT of the chicken, beef, fish, tuna or tofu not the Protein content.

You can find out how many grams of protein content is in each meal by checking out our nutritional info HERE

Do you deliver?

We sure do my friend!

Delivery to Western Sydney Suburbs on Saturdays and Mondays for just $10

You can click here to see our delivery areas

Can I pick up my order?

Yes of course!

We have pick up locations available if you do not wish to choose delivery.

You can click here to see our pick up locations and times.

Are my meals fresh or frozen?

Meals are cooked fresh each week then are FROZEN.

They are cooked to order weekly that is why we have cut off days for our orders so our chefs can cook the meals fresh each week as required.

SO yes, our meals are frozen.



yes thats right, fresh food overtime gets spoiled where as freezing preserves the freshness and nutrients the food itself contains

Fresh food only really lasts 3-4 days in the fridge where as by freezing can last up to 3 WEEKS!

So its a much better way for busy people like you to eat and feed maybe even your family healthy nutritious food in minutes!

How do I heat my meals?

Just like any pre-prepared meal,

you simply heat up your meal using a microwave.

I’d suggest microwaving your meal straight from frozen (it holds more flavour)

but you can put it in the fridge to defrost in the morning if you wish.


  1. take your meal straight out of the freezer and open one side of the lid
  2. microwave your meal for 5mins
  3. take meal out and stir
  4. put meal back in for a further MINUTE until fully heated through

(microwave strength will change your heating time)

but my microwave is just one from Kmart and a medium meal takes 6-6 and a half minutes in total from frozen.


  1. take your meal out of the fridge and open one side of the lid
  2. put meal in microwave and heat for 2 mins
  3. stir meal after 2 mins then reheat for a further minute or until fully heated

Are your meals Australian made?

Yes, our meals are cooked fresh weekly in our commercial kitchen based in Western Sydney.

Are our meals Halal?

The suppliers Mighty Macro Meals use are halal certified however Mighty Macro Meals does not carry a halal certification.

Are our meals dairy free, gluten free, nuts free?

As we cook a wide variety of meals in our Mighty Macro kitchen we are unable to guarantee that our meals are free from Dairy, Gluten and Nuts.

It is important to note we cannot guarantee our products are completely free from allergen(allergens) such as milk, nuts, egg, sesame seeds, fish, shellfish, soy and gluten

How are the meals delivered?

Our meals are stored in insulated cooler bags,

which keep the meals cool while they are being delivered. Then, when you place your next order simply return the cooler bag from your past order in exchange for the new one.

What if I’m not home when my mighty Macro Meals arrive?

Our drivers are instructed to leave your meal order at the address whether someone is home to receive it or not.

When you order has been delivered you will receive a notification to let you know your meals have been delivered or on there way.

You can include delivery instructions in your order for our drivers to leave somewhere safe for example: ‘Please leave meals around the corner on the side porch”

What if I live in unit or secure complex?

You will receive a time frame upon which your meals will be delivered. If the driver cannot get access to your door (if you are not home to open) then arrangements will need to be made BEFORE DELIVERY DATE to allow your meals to be delivered.

You can give an access code to your complex for your delivery however if NO PRIOR ARRANGEMENTS, then the meal order will be Places at the entrance of the unit or complex.

Can I cancel my order?

All orders are FINAL unless a duplicate order has been accidently made in which the customer will need to notify us 24 hours after an order has been placed.

As our meals are cooked to order each week by our Chefs if we do not receive any contact 24 hours after an order has been placed your meals will be cooked and delivered or placed at the pickup location in which the order stated.

Can I change my order if I have already placed it?

Because our meals are cooked fresh to order each week, we will need 12 hours notice for any meal changes. If we do not receive any contact your meals will be made to which was stated  in the order.

What if I cannot pick up my meals from the pick up location?

You will need to contact us 24 hours BEFORE the pick up day as all meals are packed and delivered to pick up points by our drivers.

If we do not receive contact 24 hours before your meals will be delivered to the pick up location that was chosen on the order.

Mighty Macro Meals is not held responsible for any orders that are not picked up from their pick up point locations. Customers receive notifications and reminders of date, time and location in which to pick up their orders.

The pick up point locations are also not held responsible for any orders that are not picked up.

No delivery or alternative arrangements can be made once your order has been sent to the location unless you would like to arrange an “EMERGENCY DELIVERY” which is outlined below.

Please refer to our ‘Pick up Point Locations’ to check out times in which you can pick up your meals.


Emergency delivery can be arranged on the same day is you are unable to pick up your meals. The emergency delivery is available for +$29.95

Please contact 0410795519 to arrange an emergency delivery.

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